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2007-06-27 / 9:39 p.m.

I've written a bunch of updates, but won't be uploading them until I have the internet at home again. Hope you don't give up on me though, it'll probably be 'bout a week and a half.

In the meantime, an awesome Harry Potter Trailer: Woah.. I nearly peed myself.

LOL cheezburgers O RLY?!!!@@>11!?

2007-06-13 / 8:17 p.m.

Quick infonote, and a smooooth product placement:

I can't seem to make the internets work down in the basement, so you won't likely hear much from me until I've moved a house onto St. Charles Place. But never worry, I'm always here in spirit (and sometimes at work.) I still get e-mails and the occasional message from the visagetome, so if you love me, you should say hello!

Some quick stuff...job's going pretty well, though the project to which I was assigned wouldn't have been my first choice. I'll write more about that zaniness once I find a public library nearby, or else get my wireless card to function properly. There seem to be lots of cool jobs going on with the natural resources people, and I wish I could go play with them for awhile.

Next week I'll be in DC for training in what looks to be a tremendously swanky hotel. On the first day, the admin person who did the hotel reservations for us lamented that she couldn't find any available rooms in any of the usual hotels. I took this to mean that she had to book us in a crummy hotel, or one that was really far away, but now I realize that isn't the case because the hotel looks really nice. Check out where I'll be staying!I bet there aren't any bedbugs there!

Standby, I'm about to be a total advertising whore: Jeffrey Rowland is running a contest promoting his swank new interwub-inspired design, The OuijaNet board. I like it very much, and I think it would make a bitchin' mousepad, so I'm going to play the game by linking to the produck. Quack quack. I think the design really captures the obnoxious of the internet's obsession with cat macros and that stupid owl. I hope I win! I'm also doing it to impress Jeffrey Rowland, who is my very favorite internet celebrity. Jeffrey! I love you! I sent you fan mail, and you wrote me back--WITH STICKERS! Seriously though, if any of you haven't already been exposed to Overcompensating, I think it's worth your time. This man and I seem to be on the same wavelength as far as current events and issues that scare the pee out of us, e.g.: disappearing bees, disappearing civil liberties, etc... Go look at his comic. He also writes Wigu, which is cute, but will always fall second to OC. Another reason R and I weren't meant to be: he preferred Wigu, and I preferred Overcompensating. I guess some differences are irreconcilable.

Soon there will be more update words, including lots of tales from the new job, and a few from the temporary house, and a few more about the soon-to-be-new house, and blah de blah blah blah.

I guess I lied last time when I said I wouldn't update again from my Athens apartment, because here I am! And here I go. Chau!

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